Advisor of the Month is a peer-nominated award in which staff on campus who have academic advising roles can give their advising peers recognition for their ability to go above and beyond in their roles and in the support they provide to students.

Morgan Sriphong-Ngarm, an academic advisor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering within the College of Engineering.

This semester, Sriphong-Ngarm has worked to collaborate with departments across campus, present to advisors across the country, and lead discussions with her fellow college advisors.The current Advisor of the Month is Morgan Sriphong-Ngarm, an academic advisor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering within the College of Engineering.

Within her department, one nominator described her as a “trail blazer”—this spring, she has worked closely with both the math and chemistry departments to renew and improve a learning community for students in her department. These impactful changes will allow students to take two of their first semester labs together, increasing student’s ability to build community, connections and study groups.

On a national level, Sriphong-Ngarm presented during the NACADA (Global Advising Community) Pre-Conference Week. The workshop she co-led was the most popular of the sessions, and she was able to present advising best practices to over 50 attendees across the country.

At the college level, she led a book club discussion about probation policies. This allowed advisors within her college to brainstorm solutions, think through challenges together, and hear from each other on how they track processes, and support probation students. A nominator highlighted how Sriphong-Ngarm is known for being “helpful, caring and resourceful,” both toward her students and fellow advisors. Another noted that she is a “true asset” to our campus and to our advising community.

Sriphong-Ngarm shared the following about her role as an advisor:
“I feel very fortunate to truly enjoy the work that I do every day. Working with students, hearing their stories, encouraging them to reach their highest potential, and being their support is the reason I continue to do the work I do. There is so much more to academic advising than people think. Being creative in my advising approach, development of new programs, and collaborating with colleagues brings joy to my work.”


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