Spring Design Day

April 15th, 10am to 2pm

This semesters virtual design day was an opportunity for our Senior Design students to showcase their projects.  Presentations and team posters are available below.

Autonomous Drone for Air, Water, Soil

Autonomous Smoke Mister

Avalanche Physical-Model Simulator

Field Equipment for Eye Surgery

Flow Measurement of Pneumatically Conveyed Particles

Fluid Powered Vehicle Challenge

Granular Application for ATV

Hand Cycle Smart Trainer

Haptic Interface for Real-World Objects

High-Performance Cooling Garment

Hoverbike Airfoil

Itherm Heat Sink

Mechanical Inerter

Open-Air Noise Reduction

Perching Hexacopter Drone

Self-Charging Battery

Self-Clasping Hoist Clamp

Sport-Ready Oxygen Backpack

Steam Turbine Exhaust Monitoring

Testing Elastic Anisotropy