Interested in sponsoring a Capstone Design Project?

Contact Ken d’Entremont, Ph.D., P.E. by email or call (801) 581-6766.

Or follow the steps below to get started.

  1. Generate project ideas. The best projects involve some elements of design and manufacturing, require about 600 to 800 hours to complete, and have application to existing programs in your company. Typical past projects include initial product development, product improvement, or test equipment to support products or research efforts.
  2. Submit the Project Description Form. Or, give us a call Ken at 801-581-6766 or Shad at 801-581-6766 or email us to discuss your ideas. We are happy to help get the Project Description Form started.
  3. Once the project is submitted, we will contact you with the remaining documentation and work to get the student team set up.
  4. Arrange to pay the educational grant. The total cost for the project is $17,500 and is normally paid by the start of the semester (start of September for projects starting in the fall and start of January for projects starting in the spring semester).  However, we are happy to work with you in arranging a payment schedule.

For answers to some common questions, see the FAQ page.