Assistant Professor Jiyoung Chang received a U Funding Incentive Seed Grant for his research, “Nano/Micro Scale 3D Printing of Polymers using Near-Field Electrospinning.” Three-dimensional (3D) printing, known as additive manufacturing, is a notable technology in the fields of biotechnology, micro- and nano-engineering. The ability to build complex 3D structures in a micro/nano scale shows the potential for application in numerous research areas, including MEMS, NEMS, and optical and tissue engineering. However, the 3D printing technology of Micro/Nano scale developed so far has drawbacks of high cost or low resolution. This research is about developing low cost and high-resolution micro/nanoscale 3D printing technology using near-field electrospinning (NFES).

To learn more about this research please visit the Wearable NEMS Laboratory.