Mechanical Engineering assistant professor Roseanne Warren received a U Funding Incentive Seed Grant for her research, “Metal Organic Framework-Derived Carbons for Sodium-Ion Battery Anodes.” For this research, Warren plans to develop new, high-performance anode materials to enable commercialization of sodium-ion batteries. Sodium-ion batteries are a promising lower-cost alternative to lithium-ion batteries, especially for applications in grid and renewable energy storage.

Research efforts to-date have identified promising materials for the sodium-ion battery cathode, however research on anode materials is currently lagging. To date, no anode materials have been found that provide sufficient capacity at high charge/discharge rates or for long cycle duration.

The results of this research will advance fundamental understanding of sodium intercalation in carbon-based anodes, and are expected to also lead to significant advancements in sodium-ion battery technology. To learn more about this research, please visit the Advanced Energy Innovations Lab.