Dismissal from Research Group

If a student is not performing at the level of their advisor’s expectations, the advisor may dismiss the student from their research lab. Before dismissing a student from their lab, the advisor should:

  • Help the student to meet their level of expectations
  • Provide written documentation of the student’s shortcomings as a Performance Improvement Plan
  • After providing the student with a Performance Improvement Plan, the advisor must allow the student at least 2 weeks to correct their deficiencies
  • Advisors should try not to dismiss a student during the Fall or Spring semester as the student is likely to have their Tuition Benefit revoked
  • If a student must be dismissed during a Fall or Spring semester and their Tuition Benefit is affected, the department may be able to provide employment to cover the salary required for the Benefit.

Dismissal from Grad Program

Students may be dismissed from the program for three reasons:

  • Failure to meet the requirements of Academic Probation (i.e., Cumulative GPA < 3.0)
  • Failure to meet the requirements of Due Progress Probation (i.e., not meeting degree milestones)
  • Inappropriate Behavioral Conduct
  • Breach of Academic Integrity of either University or Department policies