Student Awards

Department-Specific Awards

The Department of Mechanical Engineering awards Dissertation of the Year, Teaching Assistant of the Year, Researcher of the Year awards to graduate students once per year.

College/University Fellowships and Awards

The College of Engineering gives out a Teaching Assistant and Dissertation of the Year award annually.

The Graduate School awards, fellowships, and scholarships can be found here:

External Fellowship & Award Opportunities

The University of Utah College of Engineering Fellowships Office is designed to help you find, compete for, and win national and international fellowships and scholarships.  (Note: For information on local / university scholarships, check out the COE scholarships website.) Within the above website, you will find a database of opportunities, guidance on how to build a winning application, as well as information on upcoming events and a list of previous winners.  Note that you can stop by the Office of Fellowships in person and view example winning applications from previous years that students have contributed.

A list of external fellowships is available at, and students also have access to Pivot, a new tool for finding foundation funding.

Student Travel Assistance

There are travel awards offered through the Graduate School – the Graduate Student Travel Assistance Award (GSTAA) and the Early Career Professional Development Program (ECPDP). More information on these awards is available here.