Student Resources


The University is divided into several different departments, each with their own focus and specialized knowledge. It is the student’s responsibility to know who to go to for specific assistance. Table 7 describes some of the most common on-campus resources. More resources can be found via the University A-Z Index.

Table 7: Common On-Campus Resources

Enquiry Resource Web Address Contact Method
Tuition rates and bill estimates Income Accounting Call: (801) 581-7344

Visit: 165 SSB

Tuition bill – view and pay CIS Web Address
Projects and funding Individual professors Varies
Paycheck/stipend amount ME EN Admin Manager Visit: 1561 MEK
Coursework recommendations, requirements, and approval Your faculty advisor or the Director of Grad Studies Varies
I-20 matters International Admissions Visit: 250 SSB
Visa matters International Student & Scholar Services (ISSS) Visit: 410 Union
Forms and deadlines ME EN Graduate Advisor 1568 MEK

Departmental Resources

Graduate students can reserve conference rooms, study rooms, and equipment such as microphones, cables, adapters, Surface Pros, cameras, tripods, and speakers by making an online reservation and picking up the item or keycard in MEK 1550.

Graduate School Resources


Event & Workshop Calendar:

Events & Workshops Description:

Administrative & Records

Graduate Records Office:

Electronic Graduate Record File:

Awards & Fellowships

Graduate Fellowship Opportunities:

Graduate Student Travel Assistance Award:

Early Career Professional Development Program:

Thesis & Dissertation Awards:


Graduate School Diversity Office:

Graduate School Dean:

Training & Workshop Programs

International Teaching Assistant Program (ITAP):

Three Minute Thesis Training & Competition:

Past Workshops & Trainings:

Research Communication:

Writing & Manuscript Editing

Thesis Office:


University Resources

Graduate Writing Center & Graduate Student Reading Room

More information: The Graduate Writing Center is located in the Marriott Library in the Graduate Student Reading Room. To access the Reading Room, students must fill out a Graduate Resources Access Form, found at eTutoring for Graduate Writing is also available. Students can sign up for this service at

University Libraries

In addition to the research offerings, the Marriott Library has events and programs specifically for graduate students. Check for schedules and more information.

Professional Development

Career & Professional Development Center Graduate Student Career Coaching:

Graduate Student Teaching Training from Center for Teaching & Learning Excellence:

Higher Education Teaching Specialist Program:

Student Health, Wellness, & Recreation

Student Health Center:

University Counseling Center (including Mindfulness Center):

John and Marcia Price College of Engineering Counseling Services:

Center for Student Wellness:

Campus Recreation Services:

John and Marcia Price College of Engineering Counseling Services:

Online Mental Health Screenings:

Huntsman Mental Health Institute (Formerly UNI):


Student Mental Health Resources:

Veterans Support Center:

Women’s Resource Center:

Leadership & Dispute Resources

Dean of Students Office:

Faculty Ombudsman:

Graduate School:

Support Groups & Services

Center for Disability & Access:

Office of Equal Opportunity, Affirmative Action, and Title IX:

Office for Equity & Diversity:

International Student & Scholar Services:

LGBT Resource Center:

Veterans Support Center:

Women’s Resource Center: