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Mechanical Engineering Degree Requirements

The Department of Mechanical Engineering offers a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Mechanical Engineering. Though the curriculum is rigorous and challenging, a Mechanical Engineering degree will provide many opportunities for a rewarding and meaningful career.

General Education Requirements & Courses

  • American Institutions (AI) Course (complete 1)
  • Quantitative Reasoning (QA and QB or QR) (Calculus I fulfills this requirement)
  • Writing (WR) Courses  (complete through WR2)
  • Fine Arts (FF) Courses (complete 2)
  • Humanities (HF) Courses (complete 2)
  • Social/Behavioral Science (BF) Courses (complete 2)
  • Physical/Life and Applied Science (SF and AS) are not required for engineering majors

Bachelor’s Degree Requirements & Courses

  • Diversity (DV) Courses (complete 1; double count with a FF, HF or BF)
  • International Requirement (IR) Courses (complete 1; double count with a FF, HF or BF)
  • Upper-Division Communication and Writing (CW) Courses (complete 1; fulfilled with ME EN 3400)
  • Bachelor of Science–Quantitative Intensive (QI) Courses (complete 2; fulfilled with ME EN 3210 and 3230)
  • Language not required

Some of your general education requirements may have been completed by Advance Placement (AP) classes you took in high school if you scored high enough on the exam. See the Advance Placement Credit page for scores and requirements fulfilled by each exam. Advanced Placement scores must be sent from College Board directly to the University of Utah.

See our degree plan flowchart page or the current catalog to see our degree requirements.

Full Major Status

Students enrolled in Calculus I or higher may enroll in ME EN 1000 without Full Major Status in Mechanical Engineering. Students must have Full Major Status in order to take most other ME EN courses.

Students admitted to the University of Utah with no college credits completed after high school are granted Full Major Status in one of the following ways:

  • During the first or second semester at the University of Utah:
    • Enrolling in MATH 1210/1310 Calculus I or higher and ME EN 1000 (major status will be changed prior to the census date–about the fourth week of the semester–of the ME EN 1000 enrollment semester).
  • After completing two or more semesters at the University of Utah:
  • Enrolling in MATH 1210/ 1310 Calculus I and ME EN 1000 AND having a cumulative U of U GPA of 3.0 or higher (major status will be changed prior to the census date of the ME EN 1000 enrollment semester). (Failing a required major course two or more times or taking classes at another institution after matriculating at the U of U may disqualify you from this option.)
  • Being admitted to the major based on information provided via an online application (required with a cumulative U of U GPA below a 3.0). Contact an academic advisor to verify that you need to apply and to obtain the link to the admission application.

See an academic advisor for more information.

Pre-Engineering or Pre-Mechanical Engineering Status

Freshman applicants admitted to the University of Utah who indicate Mechanical Engineering as a choice of major on the University of Utah’s application for Admission but do not meet the requirements for direct admission to the College of Engineering will be admitted to the University as Pre-Mechanical or Pre-Engineering students. Pre-Engineering/Pre-Mechanical Engineering students will be evaluated for admission to the College of Engineering just before their orientation based on their ACT Math, SAT Math, or AP Calculus, or Accuplacer test scores.  Students have the option to take the Accuplacer exam throughout the summer to try to place higher in math if placing below Calculus I.  If eligible to take Calculus I or higher and enrolled in ME EN 1000 in their first semester or second semester at the University of Utah , major status will be changed to prior to the census date (about the fourth week of the semester) of the ME EN 1000 enrollment semester, as outlined above.  Students not eligible for Calculus I by their second semester may need to apply to the major if their GPA is below a 3.0.  Pre-Engineering and Pre-Mechanical Engineering students will work closely with academic advisors for admission consideration and help with selecting and enrolling in the appropriate prerequisite courses.

College of Engineering Direct Admission and Scholarships

  1. Though students can be admitted to the U this next year without ACT or SAT test scores, we strongly prefer that our students take these standardized tests if they can.
  2. Students can be direct-admitted to the College of Engineering one of three ways
    • GPA of 3.6, ACT of 26, and ACT Math 28
    • GPA of 3.8, ACT of 27, and ACT Math 26
    • GPA of 3.8, Calculus A/B and Strong HS Science

This last way was included to accommodate international students who could not take the standardized tests, but it will also be applied to US students who cannot take the tests.

  1. Students who are direct-admitted are eligible for merit scholarships, so it is possible to receive a scholarship without test scores.  Of course, the scholarship committee would prefer to have as much information as possible, so again, we recommend that students submit ACT or SAT scores if possible.

Students must still meet the full major status requirements above for admission to the Mechanical Engineering major.

While the FE Exam is no longer required for graduation, students are highly encouraged to take the exam.

  1. Beginning in January 2014, the FE Exam will be administered via computer at approved Pearson VUE testing centers during four testing windows throughout the year:  January-February, April-May, July-August, and October-November.
  2. Registration for the FE Exam is open year-round via the NCEES website.
  3. The FE Exam can be attempted only once during any two-month testing window and no more than three times in a 12-month period.
  4. ME students are encouraged to take the exam at one of the following times:  April-May of the Junior year, July-August between the Junior and Senior years, and October-November of the Senior year.

All undergraduate students must apply in advance for graduation to receive a degree from the University of Utah.  Before applying to graduate, students should meet with their academic advisor(s) and complete the following checklist.

On-Time Applications:

To apply on or before the due date simply click on the “Apply for Graduation – Undergraduate” link under the Graduation menu box in Campus Information Services (CIS) and follow the instructions on each page. Note: This link does not become active until you have a minimum of 90 credits completed.

Term   Deadline to Apply
Fall Graduation (December)           September 4
Spring Graduation (May)        January 17
Summer Graduation (August)           May 20*

*Applications received by March 1st will have names included in the Spring Convocation Programs.

Late Application/Reapplication:

A Late Application/Reapplication for Undergraduate Degree is required in the following cases:

  • Applicants who missed the deadline to apply on time.
  • Candidates who have been denied graduation in a previous semester.
  • Candidates who have already renewed their applications to a future semester or failed to renew by the last day of classes for the current applied term.

Failure to reapply on time may delay your graduation.

Reapplications should be submitted no later than the beginning of the graduating term.

Reapplications will not be accepted more than one year in advance.


If plans change, students who have already applied for graduation may “renew” their application to a future expected graduation term one time for free before the last day of classes for the current applied term.  To “renew” your application, send an email from your Umail account to requesting a change to your expected graduation term to the new term you plan to be completed.  All subsequent changes will require submission of a Late/Reapplication for Undergraduate Degree and payment of a $25 processing fee.

Other Changes to Submitted Applications: 

Once you have applied to graduate, subsequent changes can be made by submitting the Notification of Graduation Change form to from your Umail account.

Graduation Information