In addition to the Mechanical Engineering degree requirements, the Department of Mechanical Engineering also offers many academic opportunities to expand your undergraduate studies.

Mechanical Engineering majors can strengthen their Bachelor’s degrees if they choose to complete a minor. There are several minors that complement the mechanical engineering curriculum nicely:

  • Biomedical Engineering: If you are interested in learning how to apply the knowledge gained in your mechanical engineering major to biomedical applications and to direct your training toward helping others, this minor program is tailored for you. Qualified students majoring in any area who meet the prerequisites for the minor classes are eligible for this program. In many cases, if you choose the technical elective classes in your major wisely you will need to take only a few additional courses.
  • Business: The Business minor includes 6 pre-business courses and 4 higher-level business courses. Course subjects include: accounting, business thought, economics, finance, information systems, management, marketing, math and statistics.
  • Computer Science: A minimum grade of C- or better in each course and a 3.0 GPA (overall and within the pre-minor classes) is required in order to apply to the CS minor. Please note that the 3.0 GPA is the minimum requirement to apply, and may not result in placement as a minor.
  • FinTech: A minimum of C- in MATH 1050 (or higher like MATH 1210), a minimum of C- in FINAN 2140 – Introduction to Global FinTech, and a 3.0 of higher University of Utah GPA. This minor includes three required courses, 6 credits of electives, and 3 credits of FinTech Labs.
  • Foreign Language: For assistance with completion of General Education/Liberal Education or other University-wide Graduation requirements, please see our Academic Advisor Lisa Hutton, visit our Undergraduate Advising page for more information. All students should declare their major or minor with the Academic Coordinator in LNCO 1400 at least two semesters prior to their anticipated graduation date.
  • Math: Math 1210, 1220, 2210, 3210, 3220, plus select three other mathematics courses with a prerequisite of at least Calculus II. Please have your choices approved by the Undergraduate Advisor. Math minors must receive a C or better in all math courses.
  • Nuclear Engineering: The minor in Nuclear Engineering requires six 3-credit hour courses and two seminar courses. It can be completed in just three semesters.
  • Physics: Any University of Utah student with a declared major other than physics can add a physics minor. Physics minors must complete all general education and College of Science requirements and have a GPA of at least 2.0 in physics courses combined. All physics, math, and chemistry classes must be passed with at least a C- grade. The credit/no-credit option may not be elected for any course used to fulfill the degree requirements for a physics minor.