Provided below is the tentative teaching schedule of technical electives. This schedule is subject to change with the onus being on the student to check back each semester for possible updates.  What is listed on the official class schedule is what is final.


ME EN 5000 Engineering Law and Contracts X
ME EN 5010 Principles of Manufacturing Processes X
ME EN 5035 Design of Experiments X X
ME EN 5050 Fundamentals of Micromachining Processes X X
ME EN 5051 Microsensors X X
ME EN 5053 Microactuators X
ME EN 5055 Microsystems Design and Characterization X X
ME EN 5060 Sustainable Product and Processes X
ME EN 5080 Tribology and Contact Machanics
ME EN 5100 Ergonomics X X
ME EN 5110 Introduction to Industrial Safety X
ME EN 5130 Design Implications for Human-Machine Systems X
ME EN 5150 Product Safety X X
ME EN 5620 Fundamentals of Microscale Engineering X
ME EN 5730 Microfluidic Chip Design and Fabrication X
ME EN 5960 Advanced Manufacturing (only 1 cr) X X X X X X
ME EN 5960 Laser-Based Manufacturing X
ME EN 5960 Scanning Electron Microscopy
ME EN 5960 Additive Manufacturing X


Course Title Su20 F20 Sp21 Su21 F21 Sp22
ME EN 5200 Classical Control Systems X X
ME EN 5205 System Dynamics X X
ME EN 5210 State Space Control X X
ME EN 5220 Robotics X X
ME EN 5230 Introduction to Robot Control X X
ME EN 6240 (instructor consent needed) Advanced Mechatronics X
ME EN 5250 Object-Oriented Programming for Interactive Systems X X
Course Title Su20 F20 Sp21 Su21 F21 Sp22
ME EN 5300 Advanced Mechanics of Materials (new title) X X
ME EN 5400 Vibrations X
ME EN 5410 Intermediate Dynamics X
ME EN 5500 Engineering Elasticity X
ME EN 5510 Introduction to Finite Elements X X X? X
ME EN 5520 Mechanics of Composite Materials X
ME EN 5530 Introduction to Continuum Mechanics X X
ME EN 5535 Intro to Biomechanics/Biomechanics I X X
ME EN 5540 Biomechanics II (Soft Tissue Mechanics) X X
ME EN 5960 Theory of Linear Finite Element Method X
Course Title Su20 F20 Sp21 Su21 F21 Sp22
ME EN 5600 Intermediate Thermodynamics X X
ME EN 5630 Nanoscale Heat Transfer X
ME EN 5650 Intermediate Heat Transfer X X
ME EN 5700 Intermediate Fluid Dynamics X X
ME EN 5710 Aerodynamics
ME EN 5740 Wind Energy X
ME EN 5790 Energy Sys Analysis X
ME EN 5800 Sustainable Energy Engineering X X
ME EN 5810 Thermal Systems Design
ME EN 5820 Thermal Environmental Engineering (HVAC) X
ME EN 5830 Aerospace Propulsion X